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The Vision

Celebrating women in Wisconsin


Page Layout Design

Cover Design 

Ad Design

Brand Keywords




This project was to design page layouts for a local magazine that focuses on celebrating women in Wisconsin. This magazine is free and run by one of the nicest woman you could ever meet. The stories are authentic and uplifting and shine a light on the everyday women and families who make a big difference in the community.

Each page layout is unique and every month I challenged myself to create better and better designs to catch readers attention and to match the beauty of each article. 

magazine cover2.png

 "Braley’s layouts are always beautifully done with the spacing, pictures, and colors going together perfectly. Braley has always been very timely and asked the right questions to execute the perfect layouts. I have also used Braley's assistance on a logo. Her turnaround time was quick and the logo adjustments prefect. I strongly would recommend Braley to anyone looking for a graphic designer to fill their design needs."


-Kathleen Walton

Queen of The Castle Magazine

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