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The Vision

Local Scottish Band

Color Palette
Sub Logos (3)

This project was for the creation of a logo for a local Scottish band. This project was very interesting as I have never worked with a band before. They were so great to work with and I got to learn a little bit about Scottish designs. The white on the Scotland flag represents honesty and peace while blue is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty, truth, justice, and vigilance. The Cross on the flag represents St. Andrew (after the patron saint of Scotland).

The idea behind the design was to create something that could represent both the Scottish heritage and also represent Lacrosse Wisconsin, where the band is located. So I created a shield design with the blue color and cross from the Scottish flag and an illustration of the bridge that is iconic to Lacrosse, WI.


"Thank you for everything you did to get us at a new logo. It has been the discussion for quite some time. First of all, great designs. I also appreciated how fast you were at responding and perfect on the request of revisions. You have a whole band full of supporters if anyone asks for a name of a graphic designer."


-Kristen Wyatt

Lacrosse & District Pipes & Drums 

LDPD main logo RGB.jpg
LDPD bass drums (1)-2.jpg
Horizontal LDPD rgb.jpg
Square LDPD rgb.jpg
Round LDPD rgb.jpg
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