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The Vision

Make art approachable for all. Empower the everyday person to draw, paint, and color even if they feel they don’t have talent. Mantras: embrace mistakes and imperfection, enjoy the process, and experiment and play.

Brand Values

Creativity | Growth | Approachable | Healing | Learning | Reliable

Brand Keywords





This project was for the rebranding of an amazing business with an equally amazing owner. She loves sharing techniques and inspiring and empowering everyone to create. She uses the Zentangle method to create cards and beautiful artistry. I highly recommend Amber for getting in touch with your creative side to find calm and joy. 

The idea behind the design was to create something artsy yet elegant. So with the help of Amber we decided on the idea of turning her logo into an old postmark to make a kind of play on words with her business name being Notable Ink.

The font used really helps with combing artsy and elegant with its subtle flourishes and the design overall has a worn look like a postmark on a well loved letter which makes it feel approachable and reliable. The hand drawn sketches also add to this and hint at that lost time when people hand wrote letters and the joy it brings to create something. 

facebook cover-01.jpg

Holy smokes, these are exceptional!!  I know I’ve said it before, but your work is stunning. It’s giving me so much more confidence to put myself and my work out there in the world.  I am absolutely blown away! I  lOVE everything. You have exceeded my expectations and I’m so inspired by what you’ve created. All the feels!! My husband and daughters were like, “Wow! You definitely chose the right designer”. I couldn’t agree more!!

-Amber Rain Davis

Owner of Notable Ink

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